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Mauritius 2016


Are you a successful lifestyle entrepreneur?
Do you want to adventure and work with other awesome,
like-minded entrepreneurs in paradise?

Then Livit would like to invite you to join
Project Getaway!


Expand your network,
Grow your business and
Have a ton of fun in the process


Over a period of 30 days, 20 adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in an inspiring and luxurious location.
Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience.
It is geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, who have taken the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“So interesting to see the companies that have come out of Project Getaway every year”
Kristian Holte, Co-founder Qontra
"Project Getaway exceeded all expectations. I still feel inspired by the people I met in 2010. Sometimes I see it as the best investment of my life, both personally and financially”
Tobias Schelle, Founder 24slides.com
"The mentorship I received from professional investors, VCs, and other savvy tech entrepreneurs who made it to the compound regularly was also invaluable. Most importantly, during the month you can develop true friendships that can last a lifetime"
Ike Stranathan, Founder Staff Virtual
"Most freaking awesome thing you can do! One of the best experiences of my life and such a valuable network!" 
Steffen Righolt Thilsted, CFO and Co-founder Birdback
"The inspiration you get from being with such an incredible group of people is invaluable. Add to that the most enjoyable locations and adventure and there is really not much else to ask for!”
Kristian Dupont Knudsen, Founder Mymee, FNA and CherryTomato
“Network. Inspiration. Adventures. Exotic lifestyle. Friends. What more do you want?” 
Brian Kyed, Co-founder Moving Monday

All applicants are carefully reviewed and interviewed

The fundamental idea of Project Getaway is to gather only the highest quality and most inspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs.
We want to get inspired and build great things together in paradise and – of course – enjoy ourselves as much as humanly possible whilst doing so.

Ready to be outrageously spoiled?

  • Deluxe accommodation
  • All meals
  • Massages
  • On site co-working spaces with internet access
  • Fresh juices & smoothies
  • Laundry service
  • House cleaning
  • Project Getaway Mobile Phone App that will take your orders
  • CrossFit
  • Sun, sand and surf
  • A life-changing experience of awesomeness!

Choose your own Project Getaway luxury package depending on your own preferences.


Application Procedure


You are not committing to participate in Project Getaway by filling out the application form. We know that we are all living a very busy lifestyle, where schedules are tight and it can be difficult to plan that far ahead.
Filling out the application form merely helps us get an overview of the people who would like to participate in Project Getaway. When we have reviewed all applications, all applicants will be contacted and the applicants, who have been selected for the final selection round, will then be given the opportunity to make their final and binding commitment to participate, before we decide on the best selection of entrepreneurs who will be joining us in Bali!

Michael Bodekaer


While kite-surfing one day in the Canary islands, Michael realized he missed the networking, brainstorming and sheer fun of working together with other inspiring entrepreneurs in exotic environments. If he could not bring the sunny tropical beaches to his fellow entrepreneurs around the world, why not do it the other way around?

… Enter Project Getaway.

“There is truly nothing better than enjoying your freedom with people who earned theirs, in a place that is the very definition of an island paradise – so pack your laptop and your swimsuit! I’ll see you in Bali!”
– Michael Bodekaer, founder Project Getaway and Livit.

Michael Working at Beach

How To Apply


Fill out the application form here

You are not obligated to fill out all the information we ask for but we strongly recommend that you do so, in order to help us making an informed selection of the applicants and increase your own chances of joining us in Bali.

It is a very good idea to make a simple video to introduce yourself. We do not need a an hour long documentary about your life but approximately 5 minutes of video is a great way for you to introduce yourself to us, and it is a great way for us to ease the part of the application process where we are reviewing all the applications.


Still have questions?


Please see more about Project Getaway or FAQ.

Also check out our cool videos and testimonials from past Project Getaway Events, if you want to read and watch the stories from the people who have already experienced Project Getaway.

Should you still be left with questions you find unanswered, then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Livit is a tech startup ecosystem that builds innovative businesses from Indonesia and Denmark, providing them with mentors, specialist resources, access to investors, career development and inspiring co-working spaces.

Livit is committed to offering an environment where work and fun have been reinvented in order to fit the needs of high potential, entrepreneurial people.

As part of this vision Livit arranges Project Getaway every year to inspire and empower lifestyle entrepreneurs to live the location independent lifestyle.