Lavinia Iosub

Project Getaway Manager

Kristina Videroe


Michael Bodekær

Founding Partner of Project Getaway and Livit

Nick Martin


The Most Awesome Event for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs!

Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience. It is geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle go hand-in-hand.

You will spend your time living in luxury villas, enjoying tropical island weather, treating yourself to massages, delicious food and drinks, great adventurous activities (diving, surfing, rock climbing, kite-surfing, hiking & biking, to name a few), and generally being pampered silly.

We have of course developed our very own mobile app. You can use the Luxury Mobile App to order smoothies by the pool or a snack right at your villa. And it will keep you up to date on the latest events, workshops, and adventures you will be having at Project Getaway.

Project Getaway is a non-profit event

We believe in the dream of doing what you love, in a place you love to be, with the people you love to be with!

Project Getaway remains a not-for-profit event, just as it was when Michael Bodekær organized the first one in Bali, back in 2010. Our ambition is to get the very best and brightest people in one place, and to eliminate all possible bias as to our sincerity on this core ambition, we still run Project Getaway as a non-profit event. People sign up for Project Getaway to share and develop ideas which will provide them with the skills, know-how and inspiration to execute those ideas – and turn those into a profit.

The price paid for each participant to participate in Project Getaway just covers the costs of arranging the whole event, the villa, the food, staff salaries and other activities we arrange during the event.

The success of Project Getaway is the result of many people’s hard work, passion and contributions as well as our many great sponsors, which help us make the event the most fantastic business lifestyle experiment available to you.

Sounds like the kind of place you want to be?

We want to extend your network, develop your business and give you an experience you will remember as one of the most inspirational and elevating months of your entire life!

We aim to gather a very diverse group of people which at the same time all fit in the category of being the most skilled and driven people with an entrepreneurial mindset. That is also why only about 20% of the applications submitted to Project Getaway are successful – make sure to be one of them!

We want to gather only the highest qualified and most inspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs and every Project Getaway participant has at least one successful entrepreneurial venture on their CV, a set of valuable and shareable skills, and is ready to put themselves out there and be heard and share their skills.

At Project Getaway you can work on your own businesses, join the workshops where everyone shares their unique knowledge, and even form new partnerships with other PG members.

Every year great new startups have come out of Project Getaway. Some of our participants have even teamed up and collaborated on new business ideas which were created and developed right here during Project Getaway

We look forward to share a truly unique experience with you!