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Welcome to the PG family, Paul!

Today’s intro takes us to West Chester, USA, to meet a spontaneous and extremely driven serial entrepreneur, Paul Xavier Ryan. A visionary and a lover of adventure, Paul currently owns or co-owns 3 businesses. The main one is Marketslide, an Adwords, SEO and Facebook advertising service for web professionals. He … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Tarah!

For our next introduction, we’re flying all the way over to Honolulu, Hawaii, to meet an entrepreneur exuding positive energy, goodwill and wisdom! Tarah Long is a healer and acupuncturist who has been practicing for a decade now and has opened her very own practice 2 years ago. Her physical … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Piotr!

The next candidate that charmed us is Piotr Chruscielewski, a Polish entrepreneur whose humor translates well in English and French, too. The owner of, he created and currently further develops a custom workflow system used by the Polish market leader in hospital cleaning and catering services. Before Piotr even … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Pierre!

For today’s PG introduction, we’re featuring an adventurous, serial web entrepreneur from France. Pierre Bazoge takes a lot of pride in having never been employed. He says it wouldn’t make any sense, there’s so much out there to be created and improved – and looking at his track record, we … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Gu!

The participant we’re introducing today is a kick-ass graphic and product designer with 11 years of business experience and a story that had us in awe. Here we go: Gu Jian is a founding team member and the sole-designer for Instabridge, a super cool, viral app that aims to provide … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Joost!

  The first awesome PG participant we’d like to introduce today comes from Netherlands and introduces himself as a coder / entrepreneur / geek. Joost Faassen runs and owns no less than 4 software companies, ranging from business automation to electronic health records and “geeky services”. His team is based all … Read more

Living and Working in Paradise

Five years ago, Michael Bodekaer, the founder of Livit and Project Getaway, wrote this inspiring post about starting to live the life you always wanted, doing what you love doing most. Fast forward to today, Project Getaway is in its 6th year and more popular than ever, Livit is a … Read more

What does a typical day look like at PG?

If you had a magic wand and could design your perfect day at work, what would it look like? A comfortable office with a great view? Perhaps working from a beautifully set garden? Or by the pool? A beach office? Insightful colleagues? No chores? Fun breaks? Overall, an environment that … Read more