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Changing lives, one intern a time :)

Bettina was our intern in 2016 and she was a wonderful addition to the team. She stayed on the island after finishing the internship, to work as an Online Business Manager at one of our partners and favourite companies, Screw The Cubicle.  We asked her to tell us a bit … Read more

Learnings from solo traveling as an entrepreneur

Taking time off to travel solo can be quite a daunting task. There are questions all around. Will I be able to do it? What about my job? What will people say if I take off for six months? Convincing people that you’re quitting your job to travel to gain … Read more

What is the ROI for attending a co-workation*?

Be it Project Getaway, Hacker Paradise, Unsettled, Coworkation or one of the many other great initiatives popping up, entrepreneurial getaways/retreats/coworking holidays/coworkations are becoming exponentially more popular by the year.   But why exactly should you invest resources in attending a co-workation? We’ve asked all entrepreneurs who have done it and participated in … Read more

Workshop: How To Build a Growth Machine with Justyna Piotrowska

Justyna Piotrowska is Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups. She has 10 years experience in product launches, building sales funnels, conversion rate optimisation, e-mail and content marketing. For 6 years, she was one of Mindvalley’s entrepreneurial marketing experts responsible for launching 3 successful businesses in less than a year … Read more

Workshop: Next Generation Business Culture with Mark Copeland

Our newest workshop at this year’s PG introduces a values-driven model and how it transforms all dimensions of a business. We will demonstrate, through improving the organizational mindset, health and energy levels of your team, that we can impact their performance and lead them to live more fulfilling and passionate lives. … Read more

How To Run a Company With 100 Employees, While You’re on the Beach

A serial entrepreneur, author and humanitarian, Hugo Messer has spent the last 10+ years building teams around the world and specializing in lean startup, distributed agile, scrum, and software development. What you’ll learn: Many entrepreneurs today think of ‘passive income’ or ‘lifestyle business’. To achieve success with that, products seem … Read more

So, Who Else Is Coming To Bali This Year? Aleksandra

A Polish native who now resides in Denmark, Aleksandra’s story is a case of fusing your creative talents, professional background, and the ability to find an inspirational niche in a saturated market. This fashion-savvy entrepreneur is our newest participant at this year’s Project Getaway!  Meet Aleksandra Kiebdoj!  A former project … Read more

Build a Customer Centric Business with Rianne Klein Geltink

A report by Deloitte and Touche found that businesses with a customer-centric strategy were up to 60% more profitable than companies without a focus on their customers. A leader in the customer centric business model, Rianne Klein Geltink is passionate about the younger generation, striving to inspire a more conscious, … Read more