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So, Who Else Is Going To Mauritius? Marco.

Today we’re popping by Salzburg in Austria to meet Marco Raab: originally from Germany, he is an entrepreneur at heart and an expert in team management. He draws on knowledge he has gained from successfully forming and managing teams for more than 10 years at Red Bull, a company known for having an entrepreneurial organisational culture. Marco is currently the … Read more

So, Who Else Is Going To Mauritius? Christopher.

On our trip around the world, we make stop in Germany today to meet Christopher Kick, a self-made entrepreneur with an unusual hobby. Christopher is a self-taught WordPress and marketing expert and has started a niche website from scratch, Alubalkon, that is now producing considerable revenue and has a steady, organic growth. Which is … Read more

So, Who Else Is Going To Mauritius? Flávia.

We are staying in the beautiful country of Brazil (lucky us!) for one more intro, to meet Flávia Feliz, an ambitious intra-preneur ready to make the leap towards full-on entrepreneur! Together with her fellow PG participant Diogo, Flavia is currently in the early stages of developing a sustainable co-working space in the … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Diogo.

The participant we are introducing today is a serial entrepreneur passionately chasing every opportunity life is offering him. This time we are going all the way to South America, to meet Diogo dos Reis Ruiz, from beautiful Brazil. Diogo is the CEO and owner of Asteroide Filmes, a film production company in Brazil, … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Teodora.

Today looks like a great day for science, doesn’t it? So it’s just the right time to meet Teodora Puleva from Bulgaria, who lives in Sweden. She is a highly skilled .NET Developer currently working on her own brand new project: an app that will help passengers make it on time for their flights as well … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Alisa.

Need help with your social media presence? Is fear preventing you from starting a business? We have the perfect gal for you! For today’s intro, we’re making a stop in sunny California to meet Alisa Wilcox. She founded and owns a social media consulting and has recently launched a new … Read more

Agenda PG Mauritius – part 2

Two weeks ago we got you all excited by revealing the first part of the agenda for Project Getaway Mauritius – and we were promising you an even more intriguing part two. So, take a comfortable seat and check out all the amazing stuff we’ve lined up for the ultimate … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Tim.

Are you struggling with your SEO or Google rankings? Or perhaps, are you looking to practice your Japanese? Then we’d like you to meet our next awesome participant! Timothy Tang is a technically minded entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia who helps businesses up the quality of the content on their websites … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Nandu.

This Saturday we’re flying all the way over to the United States, in California, to meet our second awesome participant for PG Mauritius. Are you ready? Nandu Tangella is a passionate Human Computer Interaction practitioner specialized in Visual and Interaction Design, Sketch, InVision, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap. Yeah, … Read more

So, who else is going to Mauritius? Stine.

Starting today, we’d like to introduce you, every few days, one of the amazing Project Getaway Mauritius participants – so you can get a feel of how awesome the group is.   The first person we’d like you to e-meet is Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, an acclaimed digital strategist, blogger, editor … Read more