Welcome to the PG family, Trey!

Would you like to be inspired? Have a good laugh? Be pushed a little closer to making your dreams come true? Well, you’ve come to the right place because today we’d like to introduce to you the one and only Trey Anthony of Canada! Just in case you haven’t heard … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Stephen!

The wait is over! Today we’re kicking off the second batch of participant introductions by welcoming an out-of-this-world awesome entrepreneur from Philippines. Stephen Ku is one of the pioneers of the events industry in his country, having started one of the leading below-the-line agencies in the Philippines, Eventscape Manila. The … Read more

What’s up with PG? Mid summer update.

Hello awesome people, It’s time for a PG update, isn’t it? We’ve published interviews, agendas, details about this year’s event, candidates intros and a lot of other cool stuff lately, but we know there are at least a few people out there who would like a quick summary. At the … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Wojtek!

The PG 2015 participant we’d like you to meet today is a successful IT entrepreneur from Wroclaw, Poland. Wojtek Szwajkiewicz has worked in tech for over a decade now. Five years ago, he started a mobile development company called Droids On Roids and has been its CEO ever since. Fast … Read more

Welcome to the PG 2015 family, Gustav!

Today’s introduction takes us to Bangkok, where Gustav Terkelsen, a charismatic entrepreneur originally from Denmark, currently resides and develops his businesses. The projects he is currently focusing on are the Secret Diamond Club, a platform for dating and networking which he started five years ago; and Your Video Market, a … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Michaela!

The next candidate that charmed us is Michaela Richter, a German lifestyle entrepreneur whose last temporary homes were Cape Town, Berlin, Barcelona and a small village in Austria. Yes, you’ve guessed it right: together with her husband Nico, she travels the world as a full time digital nomad, having turned … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Nico!

For today’s PG 2015 introduction, we are featuring Nico Richter, a passionate lifestyle entrepreneur & full-time digital nomad originally from Germany. After graduating with business & engineering degrees, Nico spent 3 years building online companies for several different startup incubators, which offered him solid insight into fields like eCommerce and … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Marsha!

How about a quick stop in Athens, Greece today to meet an inspiring entrepreneur currently trying out the digital nomad lifestyle? Marsha Battee’s story is sheer awesomeness and impossible to put in just a few paragraphs, but we’ll try our best! Her background is in emergency room & trauma nursing … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, James!

Today’s PG introduction features James Cunningham, an adventurous Brit who has been mastering the internet for as long as it has been a thing. An entrepreneur by vocation, James recalls his earliest business memory: aged 8, he would sell other kids bubblegum and stickers, which he had brought back from … Read more

Welcome to the PG family, Kim!

The next stop on our PG2015 participant intro world tour is San Francisco, where Kim Gengler, a highly successful PR and social media expert, is currently transitioning to the entrepreneurial world. Having graduated with a journalism degree, Kim parlayed her story telling skills into a public relations career, which includes … Read more