So, Who Else Is Coming To Bali This Year? Aleksandra

_MG_0224A Polish native who now resides in Denmark, Aleksandra’s story is a case of fusing your creative talents, professional background, and the ability to find an inspirational niche in a saturated market. This fashion-savvy entrepreneur is our newest participant at this year’s Project Getaway! 

Meet Aleksandra Kiebdoj! 

A former project manager, Aleksandra found a gap in the world of fashion when it came to dressing for the career oriented woman. Using a dress as a canvas, she used her creative skill set (she’s an avid painter, photographer, and illustrator) to create unique looks based on her own personality and flair. Showing her hobby to friends and colleagues, the positive reaction fuelled her to launch Tifiti, a company that strives to inspire women through a series of meetings, social events, and gatherings. With their personalized dresses, they wish to symbolize empowerment, achievement, and confidence!

When we chatted with Aleksandra, we loved her excitement to come on board with PG to help cement her company and build it to its full potential. We love the idea behind Tifiti (the motto aligns nicely with that of PG!) and we are excited to welcome Aleksandra and her like-minded peers next month in Bali!

We have ONE spot left, sign up here to grab the last chance to join this year’s event!

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