Don’t just take our word for it!

“So interesting to see the companies that have come out of Project Getaway every year”

Kristian Holte
Co-founder at Qontra

“Project Getaway exceeded all expectations. I still feel inspired by the people I met in 2010. Sometimes I see it as the best investment of my life, both personally and financially”

Tobias Schelle
Founder at

“The mentorship I received from professional investors, VCs, and other savvy tech entrepreneurs who made it to the compound regularly was also invaluable. Most importantly, during the month you can develop true friendships that can last a lifetime”

Ike Stranathan
Founder at Staff Virtual
“Most freaking awesome thing you can do! One of the best experiences of my life and such a valuable network!” 
Steffen Righolt Thilsted
CFO and Co-founder at Birdback

“The inspiration you get from being with such an incredible group of people is invaluable. Add to that the most enjoyable locations and adventure and there is really not much else to ask for!”

Kristian Dupont Knudsen
Founder at Mymee, FNA and CherryTomato
“Network. Inspiration. Adventures. Exotic lifestyle. Friends. What more do you want?” 
Brian Kyed
Co-founder at Moving Monday