Project Getaway FAQ

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about Project Getaway and our events. If you don’t find you answer here, you can always contact us at [email protected] We are happy to help!

We have divided the questions into categories, so it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.


Project Getaway General

When is the next event?

The next Project Getaway event takes places from the 1st to the 31st of October 2017.

Where is the event held?

Project Getaway Bali is held in the beautiful settings of Anyar Estate in Kerobokan.

When can I apply?

Anytime, make sure you signup and be the first to find out about the next event!

What are the criteria for selecting applicants?

All applicants must have a pro-active entrepreneurial mindset, either already running successful companies or aspiring to create new startups anywhere in the world. We are looking for people who are fun, passionate and ambitious :).

Do you have to have a business?

No. You do not have to have a business. As mentioned above, the entrepreneurial mindset is key. Some of our participants are incredibly accomplished entrepreneurs and some are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Are new businesses formed at PG?

Yes. Every year one or more businesses are founded between the participants or participants and other entrepreneurs in Bali. Businesses are also formed after the events are finished as a result of all the great business and personal relationships that always come out of PG.

Is the flight included in the fee?

The flight is not included in the price.

What is the application process like?

The application process is simple:

  1. You fill in the signup form on our website and apply for a spot in the upcoming event.
  2. If you pass the first round of screening, we will invite you to have an informal Skype chat with us, so we get to know you better and answer live all your questions.
  3. As soon as we have interviewed all participants, we put together the best possible group and offer each successful candidate a selected package.
  4. If you are selected and accept the package, we then proceed with financial and logistical arrangements.
  5. Once we have received your payment your spot is secured and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

What do I do about the visa?

Citizens of most countries can get a 30-day visa on arrival in Indonesia.
However, if you are planning to come the day the event starts and hang out a few extra days after the event is over, the 30 day visa will not be enough, so you will need an extension. As that is a bit of a hassle, we recommend you to get a 60 day visa at the Indonesian embassy/consulate in your region/country. We’re happy to give you more guidance on this topic anytime, in case you have more questions.

What is your cancellation policy?

Project Getaway is a not-for-profit event and our revenue goes directly back into creating the best possible experience for our participants.
Any cancellations we have impact the whole group and it’s for this reason that we are only able to offer a refund with proof of extremely extenuating circumstances and once a replacement candidate is found. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Project Getaway Participants

Where will I be staying?

All rooms are different and depending on the package you chose. Please check the packages on the landing page for pictures and more details.

Who else will participate?

18 other entrepreneurs from all over the world will participate, as well representatives of the Livit Startup Ecosystem. The full participant list will be public as soon as all the participants have confirmed their spots.

Several guest speakers, contributors, team members and other entrepreneurs will drop by the villas for a talk – it’s all very casual.

How much of the agenda can I decide myself?

You can decide everything for yourself. None of the events during Project Getaway are mandatory. You are also free to arrange your own social or professional events during the month – actually we encourage it, and every year participants help organize events for everyone else too!

What should I bring?

Pack like you are going on a vacation – the most important items are flip-flops, swim gear and of course your computer. If you plan on driving a scooter down here, it is a good idea to bring an international drivers license, which you can usually get very easily and cheaply at your government administration office or local police station at home.

Should you have forgotten something, we are sure you can find it somewhere on the island – so don’t worry.

Practical information about staying in Bali

What about money?

In Bali they use the Indonesian Rupiah. 10 USD is currently (April 2017) around 130,000 IDR. The easy way is just to remove 4 zeros which gives you a rough price.

Bring a VISA or MasterCard to withdraw local currency directly at any of the many ATMs here. The main thing to consider is that some ATMs you can only take out 1.250.000 IDR (~95 USD) at a time, while others allow you to withdraw up to 300 USD at a time. You can withdraw money several times in a row but normally your bank has a fee on international cash withdrawals.

Remember that all living expenses are covered in your fee, so all you need is pocket money.
We advise you against using the currency exchange shops found at the Bali airport, as they often provide very bad exchange rates.

How is the internet?

We will provide the best possible Internet available in the area. We are setting it up with load balancing systems, so that you can make Skype calls as well as program/browse all day.

We generally advice people to only use torrent downloads overnight to not overload the connection for everyone else during the day.
There can be a few glimpses/fallouts a few times a week, but all participants generally have business meetings during the events without problems.
We also provide SIM cards with 3G internet as a backup, and with the SIM cards you can also setup cost-effective international VOIP calling for meetings as another backup option for very important meetings.

What about a local SIM card?

Project Getaway can provide its participants with SIM cards with pre-paid data/3G for the month.

We will provide you with a list with all the organisers and participants’ local phone numbers.

What plugs do they use in Bali?

Bali uses the European standard plug. If you don’t use this plug in your country, please bring an adapter.