Livit – the company behind Project Getaway

Livit is the company behind the highly popular and successful entrepreneurial events by Project Getaway. In 2010 Michael Bodekær gathered 12 young, aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs to join him for a 30-day entrepreneurial experience in Bali. After the event – and a month filled with amazing experiences – Michael made the decision to stay put in Bali and focus on realizing his big vision,

Inspire and Empower Entrepreneurs

to Change the World


After moving around from place to place and exploring the Island, Michael decided to rent a house for a year and start building, what he back then had no idea would become, the successful Startup Ecosystem that Livit is today. As the years went by, more and more people came to work on the Ecosystem and through sharing their ideas and visions with Michael, new business ideas started to see the light of day and quickly the ideas took the shape of fastly growing startup companies. Today Livit has helped and financed 18 successful startups ranging from email clients to 3D Biotechnology teaching programs.

Although Livit has grown rapidly and now is busy running and growing our successful startups, we have never forgotten our initial vision.  Therefore it has been a priority and an important point despite the success of Project Getaway that  it remains to be organized once a year as a non-profit event with the sole purpose to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to change the world – and we will keep doing it!

What is Livit?

Livit is a business ecosystem designed specifically to help startups grow and succeed fast. Livit is currently headquartered in Livit Spaces which is a co-living and co-working space located in southeastern Bali just north of the city Sanur.

In cooperation with Livit Spaces, Livit provides specialist resources, infrastructure, network, training, coaching and a great culture exclusively for inspirational  people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Livit Mission

To be the world’s best startup eco-system that offers a truly unique support to allow great business ideas to develop into fast-growing, financially lean and successful businesses. Our mission is to bring together the brightest and most driven business people from all over the world in order to leverage key startup resources, to learn and grow using only the absolute best and most efficient tools available and thereby create highly successful businesses that have a truly great and positive impact on the world. We want to leave a legacy for others to use and build upon!

At Livit we approach all things with an open mind. We are laid-back and yet extremely focused on getting (important) things done. We are persistent and work hard at solving any problem we might encounter on our way and we always see all problems as exciting challenges and opportunities to improve. By nature we are all highly flexible in order to be able to take action on the passing challenges everyone eventually will get exposed to in a startup environment.

We always believe we can do better, whilst always remembering to appreciate everything we have accomplished and have right here – this very moment! That is the foundation of how we all each day improve even further. We all love what we do.  and we truly believe that we perform our very best when we do the things we love the most. Therefore we strive never to do things we do not wish to do, simply because we know that someone else will love doing them instead.

The Livit Startups

Over the past years Livit has founded, co-founded and supported more than 18 successful startups and is now employing more than 50 people all over the world. A different team leads each startup project while some people work across multiple startup projects.

At the time of writing, there are 7 active startup projects:

  • Project Getaway
    An annual non-profit event set in beautiful Bali, which brings together passionate entrepreneurs from around the world for 4 weeks to live and work together, share their ideas and make lifelong business relationships and friends.

  • Smartlaunch
    Cyber Café Management Software, a package designed to deliver a complete management and billing solution to Internet Cafes.

  • Mailbird
    Mailbird has by experts and tech influencers consecutively been voted the best Windows-based email client that consolidates your online activity into a single clean, time efficient user friendly, beautifully designed space.

  • Labster
    A truly engaging virtual biotechnology lab based on elements from the gaming industry which enables students of science to perform advanced biotech experiments through an exciting virtual 3D platform. This year the platform will become available in Virtual Reality mode.

  • Livit Spaces
    The #1 most popular co-living and co-working community where entrepreneurs from all over the world can come to live, work and have fun.

  • StarHero
    StarHero is a rating and review site in South-East Asia, bringing together the best reviews of all the places you want to know about.

You can read a lot more about Livit and our Ecosystem on the new website from the 14th of May 2014.

If you think our values and way of life and work appeals to you, then you can join our community. Book a room at Livit Spaces and work on your business in our co-living and co-working community in Batubulan. Read more on