How to reduce stress and create more time while earning the same income

paul_cope Working as a corporate lawyer and having his own practice by the mere age of 29, Paul was living every man’s dream. Yet, his life was unfulfilled. Tired of waiting for the weekend, Paul decided to quit what he thought was his dream job and pursue something he was really passionate about.

After much trial and error, now he really is living every man’s dream. After founding the Positive Impact Club, he now works 25 hours a week from the comfort of his own home while simultaneously earning more than he ever had before.

Paul is ready to share his knowledge with the world, and more specifically with the participants of PG! This workshop will be about reducing stress and creating more time while earning the same income. Business owners will learn how to transform their company to make sure that it is working for them rather than them working for the business.  It will show them how to reduce stress and create more time while earning the same income, or more!

Our PG participants will learn:                                                                                                  

  1.    How to identify root causes
  2.    Finding practical solutions
  3.    Creating a dream business that complements their life

Project Getaway by Livit is a curated experience for entrepreneurs and teams who know great success, big adventures and community can go hand-in-hand.

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