What to expect from Project Getaway 2015?

Working and living in Bali with 20 other inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world; taking your business to the next level with the help of the other participants and not only; white beaches, luxurious villas, adrenaline-pumping water sports, legendary parties, networking, exotic cultural events. And, obviously, a lot of flexibility and freedom to decide on your own priorities and schedule. That is, in brief, what Project Getaway is all about. It sounds GREAT, right?

But what exactly will happen during this year’s event?

Here goes a more detailed view on our plans for the month of October.


Agenda summary

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Business coaching

Project Getaway will offer you the opportunity to benefit from free business and personal coaching during the event. The sessions are provided by a professional coach.

Miella Lotus SommerMiella Lotus Sommer has worked with over 100 entrepreneurs, with profiles ranging from health coaches and speakers to tech companies. She has helped them get clearer about future goals,branding and strategy and assisted them in dealing with challenges.

Miella has earned her degree from Manning Inspire, one of Denmark’s finest coaching education programs and she has been running her own successful company for 4 years.

The coaching sessions will be designed to individually fit each participant, focused on what’s most important to you. Miella’s goal is to make sure that you know where you are heading and how you are going to get there. Together you’ll figure out what your next big steps are, what’s holding you back and how to overcome obstacles. You will have two individual sessions during the month and one workshop together with the other participants. Coaching worksheets will be sent out to you a few weeks before you arrive, so that Miella can gather enough information about you before you meet for the first time.

Check out Miella’s website here if you want to learn more!


Specialist buzz sessions

During the event, we will also have six specialists who will be available for free 30-minute consultations with each Project Getaway participant. The fields they cover range from design and Google Analytics to recruitment and strategy design, as following:


Finasimonnce and budgeting

Simon has several years of experience in business administration and project management. His understanding of managing and supporting creative processes will hopefully ensure that your idea has the best structural setup to allow for innovation and growth.


pallavGoogle Analytics and growth hacking

Pallav is the resident growth hacker at Mailbird and has worked with over a dozen startups helping them focus on the right channels for their user growth. Being able to communicate with marketers and programmers alike, he is the link between business and tech.




Graphical design

Jeriah is a graphic designer focused on identity design.
He is currently working as a UI designer at RateIt and has built his portfolio working as a freelancer on several other brands for clients from various countries.


Productivitykristina and execution

Kristina has spent the last two years managing the exponential growth of Livit.  She specializes in strategic communication, which she uses to optimize organizations and help teams become more productive. For everything from making the bigger strategy, breaking it into tasks and using smart tools to make your day easier – Kristina is your person.



Dea‘s professional experience includes several years of international work in the recruitment area. She handled processes related to talent acquisition for more than 50 social and tech startups in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She can teach you how to spot talent and create partnerships.


laviniaProject management and HR planning

Over the past eight years, Lavinia has ran over a dozen successful projects and has contributed to the growth of several entities in fields like business services, public health management or the NGO sector. She will be happy to help in regards to long-term planning and managing multiple stakeholders.


Yes, we made sure we have a bit of everything 🙂


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