Bali = The Best Place For Business Inspiration?

Project Getaway is all about encouraging and motivating entrepreneurs to put their dreams into action. Saying that you’re attending an entrepreneurial retreat definitely raises some eyebrows, but attending an entrepreneurial retreat all the way in Bali? That’s going to have everybody asking questions. Why Bali? Isn’t that the place where Julia Roberts goes to find herself? Uh are you sure you’re going to be working or are you just going to relax by the beach and call that work? (I, myself have gotten that one before, so I understand your pain).

To an extent, these questions are valid. Before I knew about “Silicon Bali” – I too had the same assumptions. What helped me correct some of these false assumptions that I had was Instagram. On Instagram, I found loads of entrepreneurs who were based in Bali and who all have an incredible story of how they ended up on this tropical island. I’ve listed some of the accounts below – maybe show these to your friends and perhaps they’ll change their mind and get inspired too!


  1. OCEANMIMIC (@oceanmimic)


Tired of seeing our beautiful beaches being destroyed by trash? Tired of trying to surf in garbage infested waters? Go check Ocean Mimic out! Founders Chelsea and Emma moved from the UK to Bali to help do their part in taking care of the environment. Not only do they organise ocean clean-ups but they are also working towards creating eco-friendly swimwear from recycled products! They are committed to cleaning up the ocean as for every donation you make – they send you evidence of how that money has been spent to help the environment. Their Instagram is full of information on how to be better to the environment and dates for beach clean-ups! Definitely inspiring!

  1. ERIN KINDT (@erinkindt)

erin kindt

Erin’s energy on Instagram is incredibly calming. From pictures of the ocean to those enviable yoga poses – she radiates a certain energy that tells you everything is going to be okay.  Rightfully so, since she is the director of happiness at her own yoga studio – the Odyssey Movement. Dedicated to helping one become the best version of themselves, this studio does not discriminate. It has its doors open to from all corners of the globe. Erin has also made a special effort to ensure that they are respectful of the environment they reside in. She has built a community that not only seeks to look after your health but also to motivate you to achieve your dreams.

  1. NOMAD HABITS (@nomadhabits)

nomad habits

Benaz is here all the way from Stockholm to capture Bali’s beauty. A photographer by profession, her Instagram is extremely stalkable as it is filled with some absolutely stunning people. She set up her photography business in Bali only a year ago and since then has become one of the more well-known photographers here in Canggu. I’ve also had to the opportunity to meet her and I can say that she truly does a fantastic job as she’s managed to make me look great in photos!

  1.  PAUL THOMSON (@thepaulthomson)


With an incredibly refreshing Instagram, it’s no surprise that Paul Thomson made it onto the list. He doesn’t bother keeping up with the aesthetic and keeps it real. The honesty on his Instagram inspires you to keep it real and teaches you that failure is part of life. Paul moved to Bali from Australia with a vision in mind. He’s achieved his vision as he creates and sells online courses which could help you become a business pro in no time!

  1.  TINA MAY (@hellotinamay)


Wanting to live life to the fullest, Tina has launched a business about something that she is truly passionate about: coding. The institute of code was created to empower people and to give them the freedom to explore new opportunities. Like any great entrepreneur, Tina spends a considerable amount of time getting to know her clients so that her programme can be as beneficial to them as possible.

Tina’s Instagram is incredibly inspiring as she keeps it real about her failed business and thus teaches you that even when you’ve failed – you shouldn’t give up. Her account is also an incredible guide to Bali as she features all the hip and cool places in Bali!


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