Guest Post: How Project Getaway Bali Changed the Direction of My Life

When I turned 30, I had a pretty ideal life: A high paying corporate Public Relations job for a Global Firm A hefty expense account …

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5 kick-ass start ups created in Bali at Project Getaway

For the past ten years, Project Getaway has been a meeting space for entrepreneurs from all over the world. From Canada to China and beyond, …

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How We Escape Office Hours

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Richwas written by Tim Ferris in 2007. Do you remember what you were doing …

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Workshop: Relational Leadership with Tracey Abbot

Tracey brings 20 years of global experience working as both a Counselling & Organizational Psychologist, specializing in career and leadership development. She has provided 1-1 …

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How to reduce stress and create more time while earning the same income

Working as a corporate lawyer and having his own practice by the mere age of 29, Paul was living every man’s dream. Yet, his life …

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Workshop – SEO 101

With the digital age, SEO is incredibly important skill to have to understand the patterns and trends that are engulfing the internet in order to …

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How to run a fun, funded business while traveling the world – Clare Harrison

Having spent over a decade working as a business journalist and researcher, Clare Harrison found a massive gap exists between formal education and the workplace. …

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Workshop: Crafting a brand story that resonates with your audience

This workshop from Project Getaway is all about focusing on creating a brand that connects with your audience. Along with introspecting on the WHAT and …

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CLICK: The faster way to create an unforgettable brand & business that really takes off

Project Getaway is dedicated to finding the best and the brightest to help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey. Which is why, all the way …

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