So, Who else is coming to Bali this year? Its Natisha!

With a background in Corporate Accounting, Nonprofit Management, Higher Education Admin and even in Massage Therapy, Natisha Willis is truly a jack of all trades! …

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Bali = The Best Place For Business Inspiration?

Project Getaway is all about encouraging and motivating entrepreneurs to put their dreams into action. Saying that you’re attending an entrepreneurial retreat definitely raises some …

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So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Its Georgia!

Meet Georgia Roberts! Georgia is attending Project Getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of her beautiful hometown of Sydney in Australia. Georgia is a …

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So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Its Pinaki!

  All the way from Kolkata, India – joining us this year for Project Getaway is Pinaki Kotecha! As a UX architect for DigitalAvenues, Pinaki …

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The perfect fit for a travel lover accountant

Trisha Punit (Partner at Punit & Associates Professional Corporation) was a participant of Project Getaway in 2017, in Bali. When we reached out to her she …

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Changing lives, one intern a time 🙂

Bettina was our intern in 2016 and she was a wonderful addition to the team. She stayed on the island after finishing the internship, to …

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Learnings from solo traveling as an entrepreneur

Taking time off to travel solo can be quite a daunting task. There are questions all around. Will I be able to do it? What …

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What is the ROI for attending a co-workation*?

Be it Project Getaway, Hacker Paradise, Unsettled, Coworkation or one of the many other great initiatives popping up, entrepreneurial getaways/retreats/coworking holidays/coworkations are becoming exponentially more popular …

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How Project Getaway helped me create a smarter, less time-consuming business model

Every year, before organising a new edition, we love to check on how our alumni are doing, on how their ideas and businesses flourished and …

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