Workshop: Next Generation Business Culture with Mark Copeland

Our newest workshop at this year’s PG introduces a values-driven model and how it transforms all dimensions of a business. We will demonstrate, through improving …

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Workshop: Innovation Validation – Idea to Product in 5 Days with Bikesh Lakhmichand

What does it take to go from IDEA to PRODUCT in the shortest time? This full-day workshop at PG will teach you how to solve …

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How To Run a Company With 100 Employees, While You’re on the Beach

A serial entrepreneur, author and humanitarian, Hugo Messer has spent the last 10+ years building teams around the world and specializing in lean startup, distributed …

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So, Who Else Is Coming To Bali This Year? Aleksandra

A Polish native who now resides in Denmark, Aleksandra’s story is a case of fusing your creative talents, professional background, and the ability to find …

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Build a Customer Centric Business with Rianne Klein Geltink

A report by Deloitte and Touche found that businesses with a customer-centric strategy were up to 60% more profitable than companies without a focus on …

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Startup & Venture Capital Ecosystem – Fireside Chat with Bryan Stewart

If you’ve ever been curious about the secrets and current trends in the venture capital and investment ecosystems, this is a fireside chat you’ll want …

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So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Gus.

An entrepreneur with a desire to share his experiences and help others, our newest participant has worn many hats throughout his professional career and personal …

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SEO & Digital Marketing Workshop at Project Getaway 2017

They say the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results – and it’s probably true! So we’ve asked …

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So, Who Else Is Coming To Bali This Year? Liz

Need some fitness tips whilst hiking through Bali’s beautiful trails this fall? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn the basics of surfing? We’ve got …

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