Create work you love by infusing YOU-niquenesss into your business

Really want to give your cubicle the middle finger so you can do work that is meaningful to you, but still can’t figure out what’s the best business idea to go for?
Or, better yet, you have a business but can’t quite find joy doing parts of it?

Lydia Lee is the founder of Screw The Cubicle. An inspiring Business Creator & Freedom Instigator, she works to inspire people globally to find their passion, pursue their dreams and build successful businesses. We’ve invited Lydia Lee at this year’s PG Bali to help you with that!
She is the Corporate Escape Coach at Screw The Cubicle where she works with talented professionals who want to repurpose their skills towards a more meaningful career.
Leaving her six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a less conventional path led her to now be an advocate for location independence and meaningful work with purpose.
Her work has been featured on publications such as The Telegraph, Forbes, The Huffington Post, CNN Philippines, and Elle Canada and “approved” by people like Tim Ferris.
The workshop with Lydia will help you identify what makes you shine in your most natural capabilities and will lead you to do work you’re designed to do.
To stand apart in today’s competitive world of business, your “secret sauce” matters – so eliminate the competition and create your own special niche by playing up the strengths that no one else possesses!
P.S. Sign up now for the special 10-day packages!
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