So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Andrew

The participant we’re introducing this week is a serial entrepreneur who has made a career of chasing his passions-and has done an amazing job at it!

AndrewAndrew McCulloch is from the US and is the co-founder of SharpSeat, an online ticket marketplace currently taking America by storm. Praised in customer reviews for its usability and its added value, the project was initially born from Andrew’s passion for attending live events.

Andrew holds a Bachelor in Business Admin from James Madison University and to give you a taste of his interesting history, back in the day, his grandparents were some of the most prominent event planners for casinos in the US.

Before starting SharpSeat, Andrew spent 3+ years working for Accenture as a systems integration analyst (he even worked on a project for the US Army). He also founded AKM Cornhole where he managed and ran a cornhole manufacturing company.

Andrew loves going to the beach (which shouldn’t be too hard in Bali), golfing (some of that around, too) and skiing (sorry, none in Bali 😀 ).

Welcome to the PG family, Andrew! We can’t wait to see what you’ll think of the live Balinese performances at our parties – and we won’t even make you buy a ticket through SharpSeat 🙂

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