So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Gus.

IMG_6043An entrepreneur with a desire to share his experiences and help others, our newest participant has worn many hats throughout his professional career and personal life.

Meet Gus Fitzgerald from Aspen, CO!

Gus began his career working multiple jobs within the trade, real estate, and hospitality industries. During his time as a Night Manager at The Residence Hotel he gained some interesting experience in helping design the hotel a new website, as well as boosting their SEO and social marketing to promote their new branding.

Gus has also worked with the United States Air Force (he was an EOD technician for over a year) and his brother worked within the military. When his brother returned home from a mission abroad, they decided to launch a company called Veteran Movers LLC, a moving company based in Denver, Colorado that would only hire veterans of foreign wars or veterans of the moving industry.

A humanitarian at heart, Gus recently spent some time in Uganda with Africa in Action where he taught math and science. When he’s not working, Gus loves the outdoors, especially hiking and biking (it looks to us like Gus and Liz are going to help whip the group into shape!) Gus prides himself on being an advocate for mental health and he plans on taking a mindfulness course this fall, in addition to starting an online MBA.

Gus is keen to learn more about being a digital nomad and working remotely while sharing new experiences with the other talented individuals this year in Bali (although he will be missing his puppy, Indiana “Indy” Jones, back home)!

If you’d like to join Gus, Andrew, Trisha and the rest of the group this October, sign up here before it’s too late!



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