So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Marcel

This week’s intro takes us on a long trip around the world, to meet Marcel Gasser from Switzerland, who has been a digital nomad for the past 3 years.

17952684_10154320398876746_2597432407217742432_nHe has lived in and traveled to over 70 countries across every continent and he’s still not finished! From Tibet to Greenland, there’s almost nowhere he hasn’t visited some time recently.

In the process, he’s learned a lot about privilege and became very passionate about how we can create a lasting impact. Marcel currently works on a number of amazing projects.

He is the co-owner of, a Swiss accelerator, and incubator for insurtech and e-health startups. He also owns a company called Wain Led through which he is in the process of pioneering the development of some highly efficient LED lights. He leads the Swiss chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. He is also extremely excited about an amazing concept involving providing flexible hardware to coworking locations, that he is currently working on. For this particular venture, Marcel plans to reinvest the profit he’s making in a good cause.

He holds a Business IT degree, an MBA from University of Southern Queensland as well as an Executive MBA.

Marcel strongly believes that the future belongs to sustainable businesses that create real added value, and one of his favourite mantras is: “the adventure starts when there is no adventure anymore”. He is looking forward to sharing from his tools and knowledge of tapping into the unlimited potential each of us has.

We can’t wait to meet this change maker and put the world to rights with him in Bali!

Do you want to adventure, live and work in paradise with Marcel, Sylvia, Siamac and other super talented people like them? Sign up here!

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