So, who else is coming to Bali this year? It’s Pinaki!



All the way from Kolkata, India – joining us this year for Project Getaway is Pinaki Kotecha! As a UX architect for DigitalAvenues, Pinaki has seen and experienced too many overly complex productivity enhancement applications that she decided to take the matter into her own hands. That’s when Cleversort was born.

Cleversort is a collaborative tool for managing teams and overall progress. It is deliberately designed as overly simplistic so that users spend less time figuring out the application and more time managing their productivity and above all, remain motivated!

When she’s not being a #girlboss, Pinaki loves teaching dance and dabbling around in the kitchen. She’s an avid reader and also loves documenting her experiences on paper!

We are so excited to have a Pinaki on board with us! Her excitement about life is not only extremely infectious but also incredibly inspiring! Not to mention, we’re also secretly hoping she’s going to teach all of us some great Indian dance moves that we can later show off to our friends!

We look forward to welcoming her at Project Getaway!


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