So, who else is coming to Bali this year? Trisha

This week’s intro takes us to Canada, to meet an amazing entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs with their finances and taxes through her company, Punit & Associates.

Trisha_PunitBefore starting her own business, Trisha worked for two of the Big Fours. She kicked off her career at Deloitte, working with high net worth individuals and expatriates, and eventually ended her corporate run at KPMG.

Trisha was also one of 4 Canadians sent on an competitive international assignment to KPMG Moscow. This expat experience allowed her to completely immerse herself  in a new environment and mindset as well as appreciate cultural differences and the importance of embracing them open-mindedly, which makes her a perfect fit for PG!

While she was a freshman at the University of Ottawa, Trisha was invited to become a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, an organization that recognizes academic achievement among College and University students.

In her free time, Trisha loves to mentor students and travel to places like Brazil or Italy.


We can’t wait to meet Trisha and find balance in all our spreadsheets! 😀

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