So, who else is coming to Bali this year? It’s Zia!

zia pg

For Zia, health truly is wealth. With a myriad of health issues, Zia very quickly decided that she wasn’t going to let her health challenges rule over her life. She fought through her problems and after a lot of hard work became in much better health and mental state. With that experience, she now wants to help others to be their healthiest, so they can have the freedom to create their dream life.

Zia’s website, Holistic Nomads, offers online educational content to individuals to have more clarity and energy to build up their dream life without the fear of their insecurities or health hovering over them. Zia also organised in-person training and detox retreat with her ex-husband to support people who’d like to go deeper in their wellness journey. Zia is also a big advocate for education. She ensures that a portion of investment that goes into online courses is donated to education programs in Indonesia.

Outside of work Zia is extremely enthusiastic about finding delicious and nutritious food! Along with food, she also loves hula-hooping and showing off her moves on her Instagram! Zia’s passion for her profession and her determination to work hard makes her the perfect candidate for Project Getaway.


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