So, who else is coming to Project Getaway? It’s Sean!

Sean GatzSean is a fan of anything that is related to technology and being a creative. It is this passion that drove him into web development and programming and to further his passion in photography and videography to create art through visuals.

Sean loves creating websites from scratch, and believes that every content creator should own his space, not only rely on social media.  The start-up world attracted him and that’s how from another of his passions the golfing app Dormie was created.

Sean’s many interests include: Web development, photography, videography, being ocean and environmentally minded, doing yoga, playing golf, surfing, practicing mindfulness, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

In January 2017, Sean founded his own business – Stoked Shoots! He now captures and produces contents for clients and simultaneously combines his web design skills to create custom websites that are best suited to his customers. Sean also strongly believes in sharing his knowledge and thus holds workshops where he educates novices on photography, videography, following their passions, and living each day with stoke! He was also recently a mentor at the Institute of Code, teaching several code languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jekyll, and even Cloud Cannon. Colour us impressed!

Sean is also a champion of the environment and supports all campaigns that relate to helping individuals do their part in saving our world such as beach clean-ups, ocean minded awareness, recycling, and eco footprint we have on the entire planet. He is also incredibly passionate about exploring the world through activities such as travel, surfing, camping, off-roading, hiking, diving, and really anything that gets him outdoors and in nature! Sean is an absolutely perfect fit for Project Getaway and we can’t wait to pick his brain!

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