So, who else is going to Mauritius? Alisa.

Need help with your social media presence? Is fear preventing you from starting a business?

We have the perfect gal for you!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAATXAAAAJDVkYjlkYmZjLTMwZmYtNDk3OS05MThlLWQ1M2YxNzczNmQ5NgFor today’s intro, we’re making a stop in sunny California to meet Alisa Wilcox.

She founded and owns a social media consulting and has recently launched a new coaching venture, too, that helps “talented entrepreneurs define their Dream Bubble and then jump on in it!” – how great is that?

Prior to becoming a passionate entrepreneur, Alisa spent most of her career as a successful sales associate in real estate. When the crisis hit in 2008-2009, her own coach encouraged her to take the leap and start her own business – and we couldn’t be more sure he did the right thing!

Fast forward to now, she enjoys coaching others so much that, in her free time, she does pro bono work with a not-for-profit in the field and draws a lot of satisfaction from helping people out.

She is also involved in fitness shows and competitions, so she will give anyone else bidding to become the PG Chief Fitness Officer a good run for their money!

Her clients describe her as always going the extra-mile with a “can-do attitude” and could swear she is “an absolute joy to work with”. She did quick work of us, too – we were sold on her halfway through the interview!

Welcome to the PG family, Alisa, we can’t wait to meet you!

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