So, Who Else Is Going To Mauritius? Christopher.

On our trip around the world, we make stop in Germany today to meet Christopher Kick, a self-made entrepreneur with an unusual hobby.

christopherChristopher is a self-taught WordPress and marketing expert and has started a niche website from scratch, Alubalkon, that is now producing considerable revenue and has a steady, organic growth. Which is perfect, as he therefore has the time to also work part-time helping tax regulators and legal advisers to build better websites.

Friends describe him as smart, reliable and proactive with a hands-on mentality – personality traits highly appreciated at Project Getaway. He is a personal development enthusiast and likes to share his experiences with others. We are looking forward to learning from him!

Christopher could be our next Chief Fitness Officer as he is all about sports, healthy food and nutrition [seems like we are having a really sporty group in Mauritius, so make sure you don’t skip your workouts before flying in!]. When he isn’t spending his free time practising sports, Christopher has a, let’s say, peculiar hobby: beekeeping (not to be confused with barkeeping 😉 ) What a beekeeper does exactly, how he caught the “bug” 😀 and how many times he got stung by a bee – we’ll find out all about it in June.

At Project Getaway, Christopher is looking forward to leaving his comfort zone, to meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs and to learning new things such as building teams and launching new products.

Welcome to the PG family, Christopher. We can´t wait to meet you in person!

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