So, who else is going to Mauritius? Tim.

Are you struggling with your SEO or Google rankings? Or perhaps, are you looking to practice your Japanese?
Then we’d like you to meet our next awesome participant!


Timothy Tang is a technically minded entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia who helps businesses up the quality of the content on their websites and get them in the good graces of the almighty search engine gods.

He is a technical founder and builds web and desktop-based products to help digital marketing agencies and businesses. His newest venture is with his product SEO Cloud Content.

If you’re rather new to the topics of SEO strategies, SEO cloud content and content generation you can check out this very insightful article that Tim wrote – it’ll give you a great head start!

He is a typical entrepreneur who draws satisfaction from building his own products and “growing” them to a point where it runs on its own.

Tim has lived in Japan for two years, where he learned the language up to a conversational level. He has found that the best way to get better at any language is to get out there, grab a beer and start practicing with the locals.

He also likes to travel and with the sand between his toes, loves nothing more than to take a canoe out to sea and explore some lagoons – and PG Mauritius will offer him the perfect opportunity to do that!

Welcome to the PG family, Tim, we can’t wait to meet you!

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