Project Getaway Bali 2011

The Project Getaway 2011 Bali event was the second PG Event ever. This year we took all the amazing stuff from 2010 and added even more great things – we even added 4 more participants and became even more international!

The event was even more amazing than we could have dreamed of. The engagement from the participants as well as the event structure was great – The perfect balance between work and play.

At this event the Project Getaway services were upgraded. We improved the food and the “geek equipment” while we also added free massages snack deliveries. All this was coordinated through our new Mobile Luxury App where the participants could order all services straight from their phones.

The event was also more focused on knowledge sharing, special interest groups and topic specific presentation – And we even had a Juice-off competition!

To make the Project Getaway network even bigger, we invited the growing startup community in Bali to Project Getaway and had some great parties!

Once again we  were assured, that this could not be the last Project Getaway Event

Project Getaway Bali 2011 Organizers

Project Getaway Bali 2011 Participants

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PG 2019 was a blast!

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