Project Getaway Bali 2013

In October 2013 the fifth Project Getaway Event took place – This time bigger then ever. This means that we now had accommodation in Villa Bali Bali, Remina and Aquavillas – and the knowledge sharing and new friendships saw new levels.

As an event for all the participants we arranged a trip to Nusa Penida, where we brainstormed with the local preservation group about the wildlife and sustainability of the island.

We also added full days with mentors, arranged a Hackathon where several business ideas were hacked out and tested online. And not to forget we had our Out of this World Opening and Closing party with bartenders, costumes and visitors from all of Bali and Change Ventures!

Even the social events saw new heights. We climbed Batur as well as Agung and the Luxury Mobile App was extended to Bali Buda and Someplace Else!

After the event most of the participants travelled to Gili T and stayed there for some time.

Project Getaway Bali 2013 Organizers

Project Getaway Bali 2013 Participants

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