Project Getaway Bali 2014

Project Getaway Bali 2014 is over and we can all feel the post-PG depression starting to sneak in. But there is nothing else to say than “Everything else would be weird”.

Again this year people are staying in Bali, moving their tickets, canceling their apartments and changing their plans to embrace the true lifestyle and location independent entrepreneur’s way of life! This is what Project Getaway is all about and we love seeing how this event affects people time after time.

This year has been no different and new friendships, business partnerships and new ideas have come to life. We pitched to investors, got tuff and honest feedback, we surfed and got killer tans, arranged Ideathons, workgroups and not the least we had a ton of fun while doing it!

We also added a new feature to our Luxury app so that we could order hugs for good karma! Who wouldn’t want that???

Project Getaway Bali 2014 Organizers

Project Getaway Bali 2014 Participants

Project Getaway by Livit is a curated experience for entrepreneurs and teams who know great success, big adventures and community can go hand-in-hand.

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