Figure out if your idea will make it big & get feedback on your pitch from Jan Beekwilder

Wondering if your idea will ever make it big is a natural part of the typical startup “grind”. You know you have to put in loads of work, maybe years before results really start kicking in. But you wish you’d just know if you’re betting on the right project. So, at PG we’ve got an expert to help you with that!

Jan Beekwilder is a successful serial internet entrepreneur ( Innoyou BV, and more). He is also an executive business coach and loves to share insights and experiences with those around him.

Jan Beekwilder is a serial entrepreneur (SafariBookings, Innoyou, Tribal, etc.) and an executive business coach. Over the last 2 decades, he started 15 companies in 6 different countries, initiated 10+ innovative online concepts and was the CEO, investor, and board member for several of those companies.

During an open, interactive session, he will draw from his extensive experience and talk about patterns of success and some of the best case practices he’s seen over the years.

He will also listen to five pitches and give feedback on each of them. The exercise works on a first come, first serve basis!

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