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Gather your team, decide on the best dates, let us know your needs and we’ll have it all ready and waiting for you in Bali.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Widely regarded as one of Bali’s most inspiring workspaces, Livit Hub is much more than a shared office. Centrally located in the tranquil town of Sanur, and just a five min walk from the beach it’s a dynamic, innovative, plug & play space and community.



Various options from $15 to $100/night/room - shared, single or double options available with different packages.Within walking distance from the hub.You get up to 10h of staff time to ensure scouting, picking and setting up the best accommodation for your team.



From sunrise treks up volcanos to meeting locals and intimate dinners at surprise locations you’ll get a real taste of what living and working in Bali is like. *don’t blame us if it’s hard to return home afterwards



Soft landing and getting settled can be quite the task after a long trip. We’ll arrange airport pick-ups and drop-offs, and a Bali welcome pack including a local SIM card loaded with 16 GB of data. Ongoing assistance and a dedicated on-site team ready to assist with spontaneous requests.

Unlimited Coworking

Access​ to Livit Hub​ 24h/7


Unlimited Snacks, French Press Coffee & Tea

breakfast lunch

Breakfast + Lunch

At Livit Hub​



Different options with every package

Laundry service

Laundry Service


access to community sports events

Access To Community & Sport Events


airport pick-up

Airport Pick-Up & Drop-Off


“Bali Welcome Pack”

Including SIM Card & Top-Up​​


Transportation For Group Events​

Adventure activities

Adventure Activities

Sunrise volcano trek, rafting, trip around Bali, treasure hunt, etc - different options in packages​

Nap/quiet Room

High Speed internet

Hight-speed Internet

Skype Room

Skype Rooms

rooftop view

360-degree Rooftop Views

for outdoor work sessions



(24/7 security guards, CCTV surveillance, and alarm system

Work from a tropical location in Bali

while co-living, being productive, and having a ton of fun with inspiring people.

Success stories we've enabled


Revolutionizing education via virtual laboratories. This innovative company recently launched the world’s first online degree using Virtual Reality in collaboration with Google and Arizona State University (ASU).


Multi award winning desktop email client for Windows. Combining email, calendar, app integrations and messaging all into one beautiful and intuitive productivity app.

magloft logo

Help companies transition from print to digital publications and enable independent publishers to get their own fully branded digital magazine apps in Apple and Google App Stores.


Airhelp educates passengers of their rights and helps passengers secure compensation for their delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flights. Their ultimate goal is to make getting compensation as easy as possible.

Budget Team

Basic, shared accommodation
for 6 nights
$ 345 + 10% VAT
  • Dinner - Bento box at the hub on every working weekday
  • Adventure activities (sunrise volcano trek, rafting, trip around Bali, treasure hunt, etc) once per week
  • all the above perks

Deluxe Team

Deluxe, single accommodation
for 6 nights
$ 780 +10% VAT
  • Dinner at beachfront restaurants & other surprise locations every day
  • Overnight weekend activity or a deluxe one day activity
  • all the above perks

Premium Team Knowledge Getaway

Deluxe, single accommodation
for 6 nights
$ 985 +10% VAT
  • Dinner at beachfront restaurants & other surprise locations every day
  • Overnight weekend activity or a deluxe one day activity
  • Up to 5h/ week, can be split in consultancy with founders/ team leads/ HR & training with the whole team
  • all the above perks

*all prices displayed are in USD

Project Getaway by Livit is a curated experience for entrepreneurs and teams who know great success, big adventures and community can go hand-in-hand.

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