Get to the Next Level with Miella Lotus Sommer


Miella is the official business coach at this year’s event and, in addition to this awesome workshop, she will be offering business and personal coaching sessions with each PG participant.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 3.22.39 PMTopic:  “How to get to the next level. Spotting your upper limits and moving forward”

Date: 14th of October 2015

Speaker: Miella Lotus Sommer

Miella holds a degree from Manning Inspire, one of Denmark’s finest coaching education programs and she has been running her own successful company for 4 years.

She has worked with over 100 entrepreneurs, with profiles ranging from health coaches and speakers to tech companies. She assists her clients in dealing with challenges and helps them get a clearer image on how to further their branding, strategy and long-term goals.

During this workshop, we will talk about:

  • ways you’re holding yourself back
  • how to identify your upper limits, so you can reach the next level in your business and private life


Are you ready to aim for the stars?

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