Hack Your Brain to Redesign Your Remote Life

steph smith talk PGOriginally from Canada, Steph Smith left her corporate consulting job along with a tedious two-hour commute to start working remotely and redesign her life. She is now the Head of the Publications team at Toptal whilst being refreshingly honest about the remote experience. 
Steph has always been interested in technology and decided to learn how to code a year ago. Since then, she has built four projects, one of which went to number 1 on Product Hunt and another which won an award for inclusion. These projects also led her to a nomination for Maker of the Year by Product Hunt and Maker Mag ranking her #3 on their list of Top Ten Women Makers of 2018.  
Balancing her busy role and projects, Steph continues to make time to explore the world. Her love for travelling has led her to over 50 countries across 6 continents.
We will get the chance to hack our brains during her talk about some trending things like:
  • Perception bias
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Learning cycle
Psychology impacts the way we think but we must understand more deeply how this happens, where we invest our time, and ultimately how can we use our time more effectively to achieve more.

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