Have a great idea? Hit the jackpot in Silicon Bali!

We’ve only started to work on this blog two days ago and it’s already sizzling with updates and great news 🙂

As most of you might know (or noticed on the logo), Project Getaway is organized by Livit, a tech startup ecosystem that builds innovative businesses from Bali and Bandung in Indonesia as well as Copenhagen, Denmark.

Besides Project Getaway, Livit already hosts and partners up in a number of successful startups such as Labster, Mailbird, Vilondo, Smartlaunch.

Today, we’re adding to the ecosystem a new element, called Startup Studio, as we are now looking for one more startup to take under our “wing”. As opposed to just mentoring or investing, we become the full time co-founder with equal passion for your idea.

So, what kind of a startup are we looking for?

  1. Early stage, pre-funding – we’d like to start the collaboration as early as possible because Livit supports startups that are bootstrapping.
  2. Maximum 2 co-founders – ideally 1-2 founders with skills in need for a second or third co-founder to complement the team.
  3. Significant market potential – we focus on ideas that are new, challenging and with high impact potential.
  4. Open to co-living, co-working and bootstrapping – Livit Startup Studio’s main offices are located in Bali in our co-working space: Livit Spaces. It’s an easy way to connect with the other startups, work closely with our specialists and to keep costs low when bootstrapping.
  5. Potential areas of business: enterprise and consumer software for desktop or mobile (cross-platform, e.g. Xamarin), EdTech, AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Digital Publishing.

And, as every partnership in our business model is based on a strict win-win principle, let’s quickly go through what we contribute and what we would like to see the new startup come with.

You pack and bring along:

  • A jaw-dropping idea
  • One or two co-founders
  • Commitment and passion

And we provide:

  • A co-founder – Livit currently fills roles such as CTO, CPO, CMO and CEO within the existent startups
  • Mentors, advisors and experts (in-house as well as external CEO’s, CTO’s, CPO’s, financial advisors, etc)
  • Access to our Specialists team (link) (growth hacking, finance, marketing, web development and graphical design, HR & recruitment and so on)
  • Accommodation at Livit Spaces. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and other mundane tasks are taken care of by our staff. On top of that, we provide an instant social life and a fun fitness schedule. Trust us, it’s a pretty great place to be in 🙂

To cut the long story short, if you have a kick-ass idea and would like to nourish it but you lack any kind of resources (moral, human, logistic, financial), Startup Studio is waiting to hear from you.

startup studio

If you’re still reading, curiosity probably got the better of you, so here is Startup Studio’s brand new page.

Have a sunny day!

P.S. bonus: some pictures hinting at how it is to work and live at Livit Spaces Bali 😉

10670071_377986089024623_5820325421236011692_n       2



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