How a Team “Workation” Worked for GroupMap

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Combine work and pleasure

Team retreats are an effective way to give your team a boost of productivity and motivation, as well as spur creativity and out-of the box thinking. Studies have found that surroundings affect how people think and see things. So, the more extreme environment changes are, the better chance employees will come up with unique and innovative ideas and solutions

In October, we curated a workation in Bali for GroupMap—a provider of an online tool that allows you to facilitate, capture and customize real-time collaborative thinking sessions. They came on Project Getaway Teams package and had a wonderful experience.  


“Great for a workation that combines focused work & team activities. ⁠The Project Getaway & Livit team did everything they could to make us all feel at home.”

Of course, high productivity requires adequate facilities and support. Livit Hub not only provided GroupMap with an inspiring and convenient space to work from, they got to stay Sanur, a peaceful seaside village in Bali.

“From helping us out with officey things through to lending us a go pro for our hike, they really go the extra mile. Not having to worry about laundry, meals, etc is an amazing time saver. ⁠At the hub, you have super-fast internet and a variety of rooms for meetings, calls, socializing, dining and such amazing friendly service. Clean facilities, showers, and the balcony area is great for reflection. Our team had a productive week to build our product whilst also being able to explore and enjoy the thrills of Bali”

Jeremy Lu, GroupMap Co-Founder

If you’re ready to start planning a team workation to see how it can help your company, feel free to contact us.


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