How To Run a Company With 100 Employees, While You’re on the Beach


A serial entrepreneur, author and humanitarian, Hugo Messer has spent the last 10+ years building teams around the world and specializing in lean startup, distributed agile, scrum, and software development.

What you’ll learn:

Many entrepreneurs today think of ‘passive income’ or ‘lifestyle business’. To achieve success with that, products seem to be the way to go. But products are hard to start and most fail. Service businesses are easier to start, but hard to scale.

In this talk, Hugo will share:

  • how he grew his service business to 100 employees
  • some of the mistakes he’s made
  • what tools, processes and methods help
  • more on the power of self-organization, scrum teams, the scaling up method and managing people

Hugo’s software company, Bridge Global, has recently gone through an agile transformation. He is currently developing¬†Ekipa, a platform helping Indonesian organizations adopt an agile mindset by implementing practices through community events,¬†training and coaching. He is a certified scrum master (CSM) and has written 6 books on managing remote teams.

One of Hugo’s drives in building his companies is having an impact on poverty reduction. Bridge Global and Ekipa aid this effort by creating sustainable jobs in upcoming economies and supporting various charities.

We can’t wait to attend this talk!


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