Make your Business More Mobile with Lydia Lee

Learn how to create a location independent business that you can run from your laptop and leverage your expertise so you stop trading dollars for hours.


Date: OctoberScreen Shot 2015-09-16 at 3.31.23 PM 7th

Speaker: Lydia Lee

Lydia is the Cubicle Crashing Ninja at Screw The Cubicle, where she teaches location independent entrepreneurship.

She left a well paid but unfulfilling job in Canada to launch her own venture. Currently based in Bali, she enjoys location independence, self-expression and a purposeful career helping others achieve themselves the same feats.

Using her unique “The Real You Roadmap” program, she guides people towards careers and lives of authenticity. She combines their passions with skills and talents they already have to live a life of meaning, play and service.

Are you ready to become a “nomad”?



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