How Project Getaway helped me create a smarter, less time-consuming business model

Every year, before organising a new edition, we love to check on how our alumni are doing, on how their ideas and businesses flourished and evolved over time. Congrats guys, we are always very proud of every accomplishment of yours!

We are also thrilled when we get thank you messages or we see memories shared about all the PG awesomeness!

That’s what happened with Alisa Wilcox who recently posted this:

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Alisa Wilcox from Santa Barbara, California does Business Coaching for Six Figure Success, Specializing in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Prior to becoming a passionate entrepreneur, Alisa spent most of her career as a successful sales associate in real estate. When the crisis hit in 2008-2009, her coach encouraged her to take the leap and start her own business.

Alisa attended Project Getaway in 2016. We asked her a few questions last week and loved how honest she was with her answers!


  1. How and why did you decide to join Project Getaway?

I joined PG after my friend Andrea Holland recommended it. I was looking to take my Social Media company in a different/better direction and was searching for a network to help me figure out what the vision was and how to get there.

   2. How was your experience during the event?

It was AMAZING!! I am so grateful for the experience. The connections I made and the feedback/brainstorming sessions far exceeded my expectations. It was truly priceless and changed the trajectory of my business 100%. I came back, implemented the suggestions from my PG family and jumped quickly into multiple six figures with a smarter, less time-consuming business model.

3. What was the impact PG had on you and your business?

PG gave me the time to reflect without the demands of everyday life and responsibilities and the people who could guide me into developing my own vision for a better business model. I was able to simplify my business and greatly increase my revenue streams. I still have a huge white paper with our scribbles on it from a late night idea session. It makes me so happy!

4. Who do you recommend it to?

PG is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to start a business or wants to improve a business they already have. Over lunch one day, I was sharing challenges with my website and by the end of lunch, I had a new logo, a subdomain for a new revenue stream and a clear system for delivering my new online training classes. I really don’t know how PG picks all the perfect people, but I feel grateful for all of them each and every day. This was truly a life-changing experience…and it all took place overlooking crystal blue water and the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen!

You can also see and hear Alisa talking about her experience during the event in Mauritius in 2016 here:

P.S. Liked what you read? We are now taking sign-ups for the next Project Getaway event here 😉

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