“How a Project Getaway started, Bali-based tech startup made waves globally” with Andrea Loubier

Ever thought you need to have your team working out of an expensive office in Silicon Valley in order to succeed as a tech startup?

You might want to change your mind after hearing Mailbird‘s story and how they get s**t done!

Mailbird was one of the first tech startups that stemmed right from the tropical island of Bali. They rapidly grew globally and went on to be awarded and reviewed multiple years in a row as the best email solution.

Andrea Loubier is co-founder and CEO of Mailbird. Mailbird has been awarded multiple years in a row as the best email solution, and is growing rapidly globally.We invited Andrea Loubier, the CEO, to share at this year’s PG Bali from her experience of leading an internationally distributed team in pursuit of unifying online communication.

Andrea is a third culture kid who is crazy passionate about entrepreneurial initiatives for women, and a travel addict obsessed with spicy food.

Here’s the awesome agenda she prepared for us:

1) Intro
  • What is Mailbird?
  • How did it start?
  • How did we grow?
2) The meat
  • Where are we today?
  • What makes our set up unique?
  • What are the major challenges we’ve faced & overcame?
3) The dessert
  • Tips/tools on productivity and managing a business remotely
4) Q & A
We can’t wait!
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