Project Getaway Mauritius in Numbers

PG Mauritius was our first ever event outside of Asia – and it was EPIC!

As always, the Project Getaway magic is hard to put into words, so we gave numbers a try instead.

The most recent Project Getaway was made of:

  • 22 days on the gorgeous island of Mauritius (well, some couldn’t say goodbye so quickly and stayed longer – ahem!)
  • 8 Money-maker talks and business presentations on super interesting topics such as “Changing Habits”, “Current Digital Trends” or “How To Prepare A Kick-Ass Presentation”
  • 3 external speakers who helped us understand more about the local business environment
  • 13413741_10207621816755788_8213845447586859855_n12 morning meditations and 6 yoga sessions
  • 1 amazing snorkelling trip, including a BBQ on board a catamaran around Ile Aux Cerfs (Deer Island)
  • 17 awesome Chief Officer roles – we found special names for each of them (e.g. The Good Mood Maker, The Body Shaker, The Zen Master, The Digital Fortune Teller, etc)
  • 1 pitching workshop & a pitch-a-thon
  • 1 “Made in Mauritius” evening complete with business presentations, product tasting, sega dancers, countless bottles of Frizzante and rum
  • 1 sundowner on top of a mountain –this was the view ☺Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.02.06
  • 1 co-working tour to some of the most interesting spaces on the island
  • 1 walking tour of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius
  • 1 Fuck-up Night where we discussed failures and what we learned from them
  • 260 fresh coconuts consumed (of which many helped us to recover from the parties)
  • 1 legendary goodbye party13466515_1247618805249431_7203891412350519628_n
  • 1 West Coast trip that involved feeding giraffes, meeting an absolutely crazy ostrich, seeing the unique 7 coloured earth, some 40m tall twin waterfalls and having an epic sunset viewing on the beach
  • 2 Startup Grind by Google for Entrepreneurs events (Stine Mølgaard and Nandu Tangella had everyone in awe as speakers!)
  • 1 rum and jam tasting at Labourdonnais, a XIX century chateau
  • 27 massages
  • 6 “Tours de Chambre”, because it often was hard to say “Good night”:-S
  • 20 Polaroid instant pictures we took home <3
  • 1 collectively written story (an actual story with characters! – we worked on it every day & it was so much fun reading it over dinner on the last day)

as well as countless:

  • life changing conversations, business ideas, sugar-cubes, kayaking and biking trips, Boomerang sessions, workouts instigated by the Chief Body Shaker, morning runs (shout out to Tea!) and so many football matches they had to be reunited under an official championship called “La Copa Compostera” (the final was disputed, fittingly, between Brazilian and German representatives).

Can’t believe it all happened over just 3 weeks? Check our FB and YouTube for proof!

P.S.: we are taking signups for PG Bali here!
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