Q: How many brilliant PG applicants can you get in two weeks’ time?

A: More than you can process in another month’s time.


The Early Bird came and passed, but it has been keeping us very busy as it brought us an absolutely awesome batch of applicants.

To be more specific, we currently have candidates from a whopping 17 countries as you can see on the map below! They come from all sorts of backgrounds: from exceptional, out-of-the-box thinking tech entrepreneurs and PR wizards to ambitious ballerinas and nurses who are turning their passion into successful businesses. Simply reading through their stories put on paper is inspiring, so we absolutely can’t wait to meet the final team in person!

pg picture 2015 high res

We are now screening and starting to interview the ones who passed the first round of selection, as we plan to have the core of the PG 2015 group confirmed within the next month.

This past week, we were also featured on Medium as a top getaway for entrepreneurs here .

All in all, we’re having a busy and wonderful time and we hope you are too. If you are an applicant eagerly waiting for news from us, the wait is near over – we’ll get back to you within the next couple of days. If you are not an applicant yet, …. wait, why aren’t you? 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead!

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