How to run a fun, funded business while traveling the world – Clare Harrison

clare harrisonHaving spent over a decade working as a business journalist and researcher, Clare Harrison found a massive gap exists between formal education and the workplace. This led to the conception of Start Me Up – an internship program places students with start-ups in order to gain the practical skills required to survive in the new economy.

It’s been three years since Clare made a landing page for her business from a co-working space by the beach in Thailand for less than $100. Since then, Start Me Up has run in four countries, attracted students from Ivy League universities and surpassed $500,000 in revenues. In the last three years, Clare has had had over 20 addresses including longer stints in Bali, Canada and the UK. In this talk she’ll share her story and offer perspectives for those interested in pursuing a similar route.

In this talk our PG participants will learn:

  •       How to validate your idea for less than $100
  •       The pros and cons of getting paid for an untested product
  •       When bootstrapping is a good idea (and when it’s not)
  •       How to decide if getting investment is right for you
  •       Determining the best place to be to grow your business


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