brie moreau seo digital With the digital age, SEO is incredibly important skill to have to understand the patterns and trends that are engulfing the internet in order to give your business the best chance possible to succeed. We’ve brought in industry expert Brie Moreau to give you all the information you need!

In this workshop we will find out how to:

  •         Use Ahrefs for finding keywords and monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and ranking data
  •         Analyse data to create informed keyword research  
  •         How to implement this keyword research into SEO optimized content strategy
  •         How to create SEO optimized content with our ‘secret sauce’
  •         Use Excel like a SEO professional  

Founder of the White Light Digital Marketing Agency, Brie helps conduct in-depth research and provide quality solutions to customers to increase their presence on the internet. His passion for digital marketing coupled with hard work led to the creation of the globally recognised Digital Marketing Skill Share Conference.

We can’t wait to have Brie join us!


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