SEO & Digital Marketing workshop with Brie Moreau

They say the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results – and it’s probably true!

You either rock your SEO (optimizing specific websites for increased search engine rankings) or get lost among competitors.

There are no signs digital marketing will cease to be crucial any time soon, so it’s safe to say investing time and money in stepping up your efforts is the right thing to do.

1c4a990Project Getaway invites you to a two-hour SEO & Digital Marketing workshop – irrespective of your level of experience and understanding of SEO.

Brie Moreau has over 9 years experience in all areas of digital marketing specialising in SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. He has worked on 100’s of campaigns and spent the past five years working in some of the best SEO agencies in Australia and internationally.

This will be straight to the point insights and knowledge, not a presentation. There will be no exact structure to the workshop as Brie will accommodate your needs. All insights will be delivered on how to do digital marketing in a professional agency context.

He will be working on your websites so come prepared with questions.

Topics that can be covered:

•    Content Strategy
•    Back linking Strategies
•    Technical SEO
•    AdWords/PPC
•    Google Analytics
•    Conversion Rate Optimisation

See you there!


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