SEO & Digital Marketing Workshop at Project Getaway 2017

They say the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results – and it’s probably true! So we’ve asked Brie Moreau and Viola Schenkel to come to the rescue with a hands-on workshop for this year’s PG group showing exactly what SEO professionals do to rank their clients’ websites every time!

Viola-1217What You’ll Learn:
This skill share will be a combination of workshop and “Ask Me Anything” sessions. Brie and Viola will cover the foundations of:

  • a good SEO strategy
  • keyword research
  • SEO optimized content creation

This incredibly valuable information is distilled from years of top-notch SEO experience. They will work on a few sites during the presentation, so come and let them check yours out!
The second part will be Q&A, to answer all your questions about SEO.

The speakers:

Brie Moreau has 9+ years experience in all areas of digital marketing specialising in SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. He has worked on 100’s of campaigns and spent the past five years working in some of the top SEO agencies in Australia and internationally. Brie is also the founder of DMSS, the year’s most exotic digital marketing conference happening in Bali this October.

Viola Schenkel has 5+ years of experience in account management and digital marketing. She is specialized in Funnel Marketing, SEO, data-driven Content Creation and Conversion Rate Optimization. She is currently running White Label Digital Marketing, working with clients around the world to help increase their traffic, revenue and conversation rates.

We’ll keep announcing more kick-ass speakers and sessions over the next weeks, stay tuned and

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Oh, and if you wish to attend DMSS this year, which features 25 expert speakers and 50 workshops, use this discount code when purchasing your ticket: projectgetaway20%off. See you in Bali!


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