So, who else is coming to Bali this year? It’s Sylvia!

This year’s Project Getaway will be as sweet as a cupcake because Sylvia Thorne is joining us! She is a corrections officer from the U.S. with a huge passion for baking. 

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In 2013, by taking cake orders on Facebook and Instagram, Sylvia began to develop her career as a baker— and her business skyrocketed. This brings so much happiness to her, and she started to realize that baking might actually be her future.

One time, someone ordered her Strawberry Crunch Cake, tasted the frosting only and their jaw simply dropped! We’re 100% sure we’d love to try it too!

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As a baker, nothing makes her happier than seeing people enjoy the cake she makes, and she strongly believes that food is a love language.

When she is not working or in the kitchen baking some magic, you can find Sylvia reading a book, relaxing on the beach, or spending time with her beloved family and friends to unwind from her busy life. 

Sylvia is an avid learner. She gets to come across a lot of people through her job, business and not only — but working with prisoners is where she began to really learn how to read people from different backgrounds. Her endless desire to learn and develop makes her an ideal Project Getaway participant, and we can’t wait to have her here!


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