So, who else is going to Mauritius? Diogo.

The participant we are introducing today is a serial entrepreneur passionately chasing every opportunity life is offering him.

This time we are going all the way to South America, to meet Diogo dos Reis Ruiz, from beautiful Brazil.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.01.25Diogo is the CEO and owner of Asteroide Filmes, a film production company in Brazil, with headquarters in Curitiba. The desire to work with multi-national and market leader companies made Asteroide Filmes fly even higher and travel beyond the Brazil limits. This year of 2016 establishes the beginning of a global phase of Asteroide Filmes. Project Getaway comes in a good time to develop this plans and international business strategies.

Diogo holds a MBA in Strategic Business Management and worked in a non profit children hospital and in advertising before pursuing his entrepreneurial dream. Looking for ideas but never having one that he was totally excited about, he was all of a sudden offered the opportunity to be the co-founding partner of Asteriode Filmes . Diogo´s advice: “You don’t have to own the idea to be the owner of a business. Keep an eye on people and opportunities!”. We’ll keep that in mind!

He runs two other side-businesses: a thai food truck and a program for losing weight. And as if that wouldn’t be a handful, he is currently working on a co-working space concept with his friend and fellow PG participant Flavia Feliz. Chapeau!

Diogo loves traveling and finding out out more about people and different ways of living life. He sounds like a perfect match for PG 🙂

Welcome to the PG family, Diogo, we can´t wait to hang out with you!

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