So, Who Else Is Going To Mauritius? Flávia.

We are staying in the beautiful country of Brazil (lucky us!) for one more intro, to meet Flávia Feliz, an ambitious intra-preneur ready to make the leap towards full-on entrepreneur!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAR2AAAAJGZlODcxNDVlLTIwNTQtNGE1Yi1iNWMwLTdmMTRhZDUwZGU4MgTogether with her fellow PG participant Diogo, Flavia is currently in the early stages of developing a sustainable co-working space in the middle of Brazil’s Atlantic forest, while working as a full-time project coordinator within Instituto Triunfo.
After completing her degree in Public Relations, Flavia took on the role of project leader at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital and successfully launched one of the hospital’s crowdfunding departments. In 2015, she received an award for her outstanding results within the executive program in “Strategic Management and International Marketing” at the University of La Verne. 

Looking for a new challenge, Flavia then joined Triunfo Participações e Investimentos, where she launched the Social Responsibility Institute she is now leading while also attending a post-grad program on Entrepreneurship and Social Business, at FAE Business School. 

At PG, she will share from her experience with running crowdfunding campaigns and how she started all of these exciting, aforementioned initiatives from scratch. She is looking forward to networking, generating new ideas, learning new habits and how to implement them when going back home. 

Friends would describe Flávia as people oriented, responsible and happy (her last name means “happy”, too). After getting to know her during the interview, we would definitely add ambitious and passionate 🙂
She is also an adventure-seeker, nature lover and sports addict, so PG Mauritius seems like a perfect fit for her. 
Welcome to the PG family, Flavia, we can’t wait to learn some dance moves and innovation tactics from you!

Do you want to adventure, live and work in paradise with Flavia, Nandu, Alisa and other super talented people like them? Apply for Project Getaway Mauritius!


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