So, who else is going to Mauritius? Teodora.

Today looks like a great day for science, doesn’t it?

So it’s just the right time to meet Teodora Puleva from Bulgaria, who lives in Sweden.


She is a highly skilled .NET Developer currently working on her own brand new project: an app that will help passengers make it on time for their flights as well as help airlines reduce cost. Sounds like a win-win to us, we’ll take it!
Teodora and her co-founder started working on it just a few weeks ago, while she is a full-time Senior Developer at Cint, where her greatest satisfaction is having optimised several of the company’s processes.

She has some previous entrepreneurial experience having dabbled into this field via a couple of projects. Among them, CleverKon, an error reporting tool and a product of the Stockholm Start-up Weekend. The project made it into the Global Start-up Battle. Teodora was the team’s Interaction Designer and has built this prototype.

Her passion for engineering and innovation also led her to work as a research engineer at Mälardalen University, where she was in charge for the full life-cycle web development of a management system for university programs.

Teodora holds 2 master degrees, one in software technologies and one in technological entrepreneurship and innovation.

People who have worked with her appreciate her “wide knowledge across the whole website lifecycle” and are impressed with her ability to “drive a task to success with a high emphasis on quality”.

She loves travelling and is always looking for challenging, unique experiences, which has pushed her to take decisions like moving to Sweden or, on another occasion, flying a plane – ask her more about it at PG!

Sounds like a person we’d love to spend 3 weeks with so…

…welcome to the PG family, Teodora, we can’t wait to meet you!

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